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March 9, 2004

March 8, 2004 - Spaceland - Los Angeles, CA

3/7 We left Oakland around noon and met up in Kettlemen City for burgers. Fish tacos for dinner, asleep by midnight.

3/8 I woke up and it was like I imagine heaven to be. The sky was completely clear and blue and the mountains had perfect white snow on them. Dan's mom lives on a golf course in a gated community. I headed outdoors onto the perfect, green, trim grass and walked the golf cart paths. Nobody yelled at me for going against condo rules. It was sunny and warm. There was no one around but an older lady hosing down the tires of her Buick in her driveway. Jamie came to pick me up at noon after following another driver in through the gate. We made quesadillas and ate them with chips and salsa on the patio overlooking the ultra green grass. We could only hear birds and lawnmowers and ourselves.
At 3 we got into Jamie's car and drove into LA, no traffic. We got to Dianna & Tim's just before four. Jamie, Dianna, and I took Russia to Elysian Park. We must've walked over 2 miles and there was more greenery than I ever imagined could grow there. I saw two people embracing on the hillside. They said "hi" when we walked by.
Dan drove straight from work to Leela Thai by Spaceland and Jamie, Dianna, Tim and I walked there, met Leslie and then Chris and Chris showed up to order magic green beans. We asked someone to take a picture of us all eating and it turned out that we asked the soundman for Spaceland. Keanu Reeves was at the show. I saw the back of his head but Jamie and Chris positively identified the front. Keanu, we are both part Chinese. After we played this group of about 25 performed and the singer looked like Willy Wonka. I wish I'd gotten his picture. Dengue Fever transported me to someplace else entirely.
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March 9, 2004
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